A natural, safe bedbug solution

Looking for a natural solution to your bed bug problem?  Or looking for a way to avoid getting bedbugs in the first place?

KDgold Botanic soap, alternative non-pesticide solution to bed bugs

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You’ve come to the right place.

Washing your bedding with detergent and bleach is only going to exacerbate the situation.  It’s what caused the epidemic in the first place.

You need a botanic soap that naturally kills bugs and will help keep you healthy enough to prevent the problem from coming back —  a soap that is powerful enough to eradicate your bed bug problem but safe enough for you to shower and bathe in.  Spray it on to keep from itching.   Wash your bed clothes and your own clothes, clean your house with it.

What’s that safe botanic soap?  KD Gold.  Multi-use, known to kill bed bugs, lice, body lice, even persistent stubborn cases.

How to use KD Gold™ for bedbugs.